Cut and Bend

Cut and Bend services of steel bars from POLAAD saves time, resources and money. POLAAD continuously provide this particular service to their customers.

Customer’s satisfaction is center focus of any services of POLAAD. Quick response increases efficiency of work. Considering increase in development of infrastructure day by day, now we all need to move towards modernism. Cut and Bend service is modern working style approach which is kind of contribution from steel organization to the new era.

Service After Sales

Provision of Service after sale for customer satisfaction is available inside a POLAAD. Visit customer’s places to resolve their issue, clear there doubts and to make them aware about technology with quality is the real purpose behind this service.

After sales support Helps to ensure that a customer get as much use and value as possible out of there purchased material from POLAAD steel.

Service Inquiry

    Technology and Quality Awareness

    Awareness of new technologies, provide necessary knowledge to identify quality materials ; these are the part of services offered by POLAAD for their customer’s.

    POLAAD do Arrangement of meetings and training with customers so that they can receive answers of all their questions and update their knowledge around new technologies.

    Plant Visit

    POLAAD group welcome their customers and honorable personalities those who wants to visit the plant. All necessary safety precaution has been taken care so that peoples can visit with ease. Transparency, Integrity and Commitment are true values of POLAAD group, enduring success from last two decades organization always keeps truth and conscientiousness in every aspect of business. Premium quality Steel construction Bars products and extraordinary services make POLAAD reliable brand.

    Dealer Enquiry

    POLAAD Steel bar product of Bhagyalaxmi rolling mill PVT. LTD. located at Jalna Maharastra. For Material Enquiry, Please fill up the below form and submit. Our team will contact you soon and provide you required information