The Rapidly Growing Steel Sector

Polaad stepped its foot into the steelmaking industry in the year 2005. We are a team of experienced founders and managing directors having vast experience in steelmaking. We entered the steelmaking sector with all the research and the study on various aspects. With earlier experience and now a decade and a half older, we are more than ready to serve you with extensive services and products! Polaad believes in the Government of India’s Initiative, ‘Make in India’, and strives to strengthen the Indian economy by becoming self-reliant in steel production. Diverse initiatives are being planned by the Government for becoming self-reliant in steel production and we, at Polaad, always believe and support such initiatives because we are the proud sons of our soil!

The Polaad Values

We, at Polaad, just as the tricolor of India, have tri- values! The values are Transparency, Commitment, and Integrity. The foundation of Polaad is built on these values. All the members of the Polaad family follow these values with full dedication and determination. Polaad is appreciated and known for staunchly following these values.



We, at Polaad, assure Transparency at every step! Transparency is what makes our pathway towards success crystal clear. Every process at Polaad goes through stringent quality checks and assures complete clarity on every aspect to the customer.


We deliver what we commit! We never miss the deadlines given to our associates or customers. This is what makes us one of the most trusted brands in the steelmaking industry. We don’t just build products, we build trust through commitments!



We pride ourselves to be examples of integrity and honesty in every aspect. You would never see an iota of mistrust or misconduct in the entire process. We are made from a different fabric and are proud to be what we are today! Integrity has made us one of the most valued companies in steelmaking.

Be Responsible. Be Sustainable.

Conserving our environment is one of the most important duties of every individual on this planet. Nature provides us with all the necessary resources and it’s our duty to preserve and conserve it. Polaad follows and staunchly follows this principle. We not only offer novel solutions and innovations in our products but also introduce efficiency and optimization through our recycling initiatives.

Steel is a material that can be recycled infinitely without quality loss. Hence, we are conserving the environment by default. But we are a step ahead of just recycling. We believe in cutting greed rather than cutting the greens! We follow sustainable practices and organize a plethora of tree plantation drives over the year. We have also planted trees around the vicinity of our factory because we just don’t think green, we live green!

The Process

Our products are our reflection. Every product in the making goes through a stringent quality check. We have state-of-the-art machinery for the seamless transition of the products from one process to another. All the processes are minutely observed by the workforce and they help in making the product as great as possible.

Our Workforce

Our workforce is a shining example of this quote by Simon Senek. Our employees don’t just work for the sake of money. We share the same passion! We are all determined and dedicated to producing the finest steel products in the country! The passion for producing great steel products is what drives us towards success! We have a family of skilled and experienced professionals having numerous years of experience in the steelmaking sector.

We don’t just recruit experienced professionals but also inculcate new talent in our family who wish to make a difference in the steel industry. Sharing the same passion is enough to be a part of the ever- prospering Polaad family! Every process is strenuously examined by our professionals and the result: Excellent products for our customers and associates! Our workforce serves as an inspiration for us and we learn a lot of things from them. We are truly grateful for having a wonderful workforce with the sole aim of producing exceptional steel products.

Dealer Enquiry

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